- Guaranteed Allocation
With this innovative system everyone will have a guaranteed allocation. In the following formulas we describe how the system works. The guaranteed allocation for every user during the first 24hrs of the IDO will be calculate as following:
  • ‘a’ is the project’s token allocated for IDO.
  • ‘b’ is CROSS circulating supply.
  • ‘c’ is CROSS that you’re holding.
If the IDO hard cap is not reached during the first 24hrs, all the eligible users will double their initial guaranteed allocation, allowing them to buy 2 times more the tokens they bought during the first 24hrs. This means that if your initial guaranteed allocation was 50 tokens, after 24hrs you can buy 100 more tokens, after 48hrs 200 more, after 72hrs 400 more, as described in the following formulas, until hard cap is reached.
Anyways, since after 24hrs the IDO will be FCFS, it is very unlikely that the hard cap won’t be reached during the 2nd day.
Amount of tokens purchasable during the various phases of the IDO.
This chart describes the progress of the tokens purchasable during the various phases of the IDO.
You can see how rapidly it increases, that’s why we are pretty confident that on day 2 there will be almost 100% probability of reaching hard cap.
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